So finally I decided to start writing about my city which is Suzhou. At the beginning I didn’t like this city a lot. Too many tourists, I didn’t find something that I liked. But, one day I went alone to finally find something that I could like in this city. And after all I found 🙂

Suzhou is one of the cities in China which are regarded as the ‚Venice of China’ because of a huge number of river canals. What’s more, Suzhou is very famous for its beautiful gardens however, I’m not gonna concentrate on gardens here as I still didn’t visit enough of them and I’m not a huge fan of gardens. I’m will try to show you what I caught on the photos and I really liked in here.




Suzhou is a city where most Chinese people would love to live. I heard from many Chinese that this city is very convenient for them to live in. It’s very clean, old, beautiful and safe.

Most of the cities where I went to China were very safe for me. I have to tell you that when I’m travelling in China alone, this country (from all that I visited) is the safest for me. I have never had the situation which was dangerous or I would feel afraid. That’s true that if you want to travel alone in China, you should be able to communicate at least a bit in Chinese but the other things like safety of the travel I find the best. Always, in the trains, buses, all kinds of transportation, people when they see you, a foreigner, they will react so friendly and open that you would never expect it from somebody that you completely do not know. When I was going to Inner Mongolia by train, for about 10 hours I was sitting with five Chinese blue- collar workers who probably were sitting near to the foreigner for their first time, but they wanted so much to be nice with me that after a few minutes of a small talk I was eating their food and drinking beer with them. There were no borders. Nothing. Just human kindness.




Suzhou by night

What else I love in China?

of course Chinese street food. Near our dormitory everyday at 9.30 pm there are plenty of small vendors who have little kitchens on their vehicles and they are selling delicious noodles, dumplins or Chinese pancakes. And even though China is getting more and more expensive, this street chinese food still remains very very cheap.

What I don’t like in China?

when you are travelling in China, the one thing that is driving you crazy is that each time you have to pay for the entrance to get mostly everywhere! These fees are a bit (even more than a bit) exaggerated. What’s more, everywhere are plenty of people  in these places that you want to visit. So, at the end, I feel like I’m not satisfied from visiting something because I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted. Thus, when YOU want to visit China, I recommend to you to do it as fast as possible. Everything in China is going more and more commercial.


Panna Justyna z Szanghaju tez odwiedzila piekne Suzhou 🙂



Just to come back to that day when I discovered the beauty of Suzhou… I went early morning to see the Tiger Hill (photo below) it was about 9 am, it was friday, no people there. I was deeply amazed that there was so few people. Just from the beginning I liked it and I could feel the atmosphere of the place. Right after that, I went to some quiet street which at the end came up with a huge market with plenty of vegetables, meat, everything and only Chinese people. I loved it. And what’s more, to sum up my day, when I went to get a bit of the Sun from a little café I met some Chinese people who invited me to drink coffee with them and we were just chatting about life and of course taking pictures together. How lucky I am?!

Tiger Hill
Pingjiang Lu- 平江路
My future roommates Melissa and Beilan taking fun with fish… lol
Shantang Jie 山塘街

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