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My first days in Kathmandu went really well, fast and crazy. Let’s start from the beginning…I wasn’t sure if somebody will take me from the airport but finally some people from AIESEC ( my buddies) took me from there with a …  motorbike. So right from the beginning I was experiencing a funny adventure on the motorbike in Kathmandu. The ride to my new home was quite long. it lasted about 2 hours cause our motor got broken ;p. The ride itself was crazy… seeing all the cows on the roads, people driving like crazy on their vehicules, the left- side traffic etc…I didn’t expect such an adventure on the first day! Thank you AIESEC Kathmandu 🙂

Thamel district

Finally, my motor-driver took me to my new Nepalese home and since then I am living with  a Nepalese family. It’s very comfortable, I have my own room and my own bathroom. The house is very well situated, I mean it’s just a few steps from the Monkey Temple, which for is the most beautiful one in Kathmandu, but it’s a bit far from the center. Today, I visited all most relevant temples in Kathmandu, I don’t remember the names at all but the feeling of being there was unbelievable. I am really lucky these days, I visited all these temples with my buddy who is from Kathmandu and who has a motorbike so he drove me everywhere I wanted.

place where I live
place where I live

What’s more, today as well I had my first day at school…of course as a teacher. It seems that I’m gonna have a lot of fun while teaching Nepalese children. I thought they will be a little but younger then they actually are but I can do it 😀 ( btw they are from 2 to 5 years old ). With my patience it’s gonna be a good challenge 😉 The kindergarden is in Kathmandu and is very beautiful. I have to say that with comparison to China it is like heaven for children…a lot of pictures, coloured walls, all the toys. In China, the kindergarten that I was working for was quite poor, nothing what would children like and not at all it looked like a real kindergarten. So chapeau bas Nepal!

Broni- most confident student I ve ever had


somewhere in Thamel district
Kathmandu express bus...inside u find everything ;)
Kathmandu express bus…inside u find everything 😉
watch out man

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