At the beginning my first thought, that I wanted to do it Nepal, was to climb ABC ( Annapurna Base Camp). I had it all the time in my head that I have to do this one. However, I didn’t meet anybody who would like to do it and so on I didn’t want to do it on my own or paying for the guide. Finally, I decided to do the Langtang trekking with one of my friends that I met here in Kathmandu ( Gabrielle from Italia). On our way to Syabrubesi ( the first village that starts the treeking) we met Mario ( who is from Germany) in a local bus and we simply did the trekking together. Getting to Syabrubesi is not as easy as it may seem. It is only 120 km from Kathmandu but it takes 9 hours by local bus! You can take as well a jeep there- it costs more but it’s only 6 hours.  There are no tourists buses that go there. The road from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi is as steep as hell…but is also exciting as you explore the tiny villages nearby, all Nepali people around you in the local bus or even you can take a ride on the roof of the bus 😉

road to Syabrubesi
road to Syabrubesi

I have to tell you that the views from the roof of the bus are amazing. The feeling when you are on the roof of the local bus only with some Nepali men who are holding you in order no to fall down is outstanding. The first 5 minutes I was shouting like hell cause I looked down and I had 2000m of a beautiful precipice. But I have to tell you that I felt much on the roof cause when I was inside  and if the bus would fall down for sure I would be dead but as I was on the roof, I could jump fast from it 😀

on the roof of Nepali local bus
view from the roof of the bus
an accident on the road – Mario chillin’
Nepali girls
Nepali girls
children met on the road

Langtang trekking is an easy trekking, very suitable for beginners, you can do it within a few days. You don’t have to worry about were are you going to sleep cause every hour of trekking there are guest houses where you can eat and sleep. Usually, you don’t pay anything for the bed, you just pay for food which is quite expensive cause it needs to be brought to the top of the mountains. The guest houses in Langtang are are usually owned by Tibetans who escaped from Tibet when the war between Tibet and China started. Imagine that these people can’t enter their homeland anymore. So they not only speak Nepali but also Tibetan language.While trekking you can meet lots of local people especially porters who are carrying things like wood, food, tourists’ things on their backs. Even you can see women are are carrying all necessary things for their households. I was really surprised how women in the mountains can be so strong.

a girl carrying wood

More practical information about the trekking: so generally I spent 150$ on 7-day trekking. 5o$ for the permission and TIMS (Trekker’s Information Management System) and 100$ for mostly food and bed. Normally, such trekking from the travel agency costs about 500$ ( but everything is included like guide, porter, food, bed). However, doing it by yourself is much more interesting, cheaper and adventurous of course! As it comes to AMS ( mountain sickness), I had no serious problems with breathing but in the last village  (3800 m) I had a huge headache everyday and feeling really cold.

I didn’t know which photos to choose from the trekking cause I had so many…but finally I chose the best ones:

first views on the mountains
traditional kitchen in the guest house
a child in one of the guest houses
with the owners of the guest house
dream team- Gabriele, Mario, me
the peak with Korean tourists
Kyanjin Gompa- 3800, the last village on the trekking

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