How did we get to Laos?

Our initial plan was just to travel in China. Actually, Magdalena wanted so much to go to Vietnam or Laos but I thought that we won’t be able to do it as we have only 17 days in Yunnan so I preferred to stay more in China that going to Laos or Vietnam just for a couple of days. However, finally, we decided that we are going to Laos as there was no problem with obtaining the visa on the border (while if we would like to go to Vietnam we would have to do the visa in an embassy in China). So we took the bus from Jinghong (China) to Luang Namtha.

Apparently, there is nothing to see in Luang Namtha but this place is very famous for doing some trekkings or kayaking so that’s why we went there but… it turned out that we don’t have enough money to do such trekking so we just spent one night in Luang Namtha and took the night bus to Luang Prabang.




We were quite upset about the trekking that we couldn’t do but at least we could spend more days in Luang Prabang 🙂 Luang Prabang is situated in north central Laos, it was the ancient royal capital of the Kingdom of Laos and nowadays the centre of this city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and that’s why there are masses of tourists there, especially French.






I have to say that our first impression of Laos wasn’t good. We thought everything is gonna be much cheaper here than in China and it turned out that food is more expensive and taking the transportation is more or less the same price. Then, Lao people weren’t that friendly as Chinese people. They didn’t want us to take pictures of them of when we were smiling to them they didn’t do the same to us. Actually, in my opinion, when you firstly go to travel in China then it can be quite difficult to find more friendly people and open to foreigners than Chinese.


Mekong River


As I wrote above, at the beginning we didn’t like Laos so much but when we got to Luang Parabang everything changed. We just loved the city, the people there were also much more nice than in Luang Namtha. We didn’t regret anything. We got such beautiful views on the Mekong River and we could just chill out everyday in the temples with the monks. Actually, this is what I liked the most. The buddhist monks were everywhere, you could meet them wherever you go. It made the atmosphere of the city just different than others.



sunset on the Mekong River
everyday’s pray on the monks


 And after the four days we took the 24hour sleeping bus to go back to our beloved CHINA 🙂

Lao border and our sleeping bus on the left 😉


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