Memories of China by Madzia

“How do you feel today?
With my hands…”

It was few weeks ago when together with Izabelka we were on the trip – my first time in Asia thanks to and with her. As always when we are together on a trip we’re using local buses, staying in local hostels and with local people. We also eat local food and it is an integral part and biggest cost during every our ‘low cost’ trip. Aaaand we can do nothing with this:) As far as I know myself and Izabelka, it’s the best way to feel a new country and culture – when you eat! To understand everyday’s life, to meet people, feel them and see world with their eyes. And mouth of course:D
China is quite different from all places and cultures I saw in my life. Way of thinking about world, way of behaving, habbits, values – all those things are extremely different than European.
The biggest impact had one of our first bus trips. Anxiety in Iza’s eyes when all weird situations took place was disturbing me but it was also priceless – I am pretty sure that she was more scared than me:) If you imagine 30 people in small bus with all sounds made by Chineas people, spliting on a bus floor, throwing all waste and garbage under feet or through the window, smoking inside… plus tons on bags, boxes, necessary and unnecessary stuff, kids and behaviors unacceptable in our culture – it was a Chinese bus:) We were lacking only chickens and all of us would be even more happy. But no chickens – unfortunately:)
But, on the other heand, it was a mixture of all Chines minorities you could find within this area. What is beautiful – people are proud that they are different, open for others and by this – tolerant more than any other nation I have ever met.
China is a country of nice people – EVERYONE is nice there! People do smile, they are talkative and even if they know you understand nothing – they do want to speak with you. And touch you, take photo of you and with you. And talk again:)

When we were visiting Rice Tarraces we were bigger atraction than rice. I felt like a movie star or a touristic attraction:) I regret that we didn’t decide do take small fee for every picture – we could be rich. Thay will pay for everything they are asked even if it is stupid. E.g.??? We went for trekking in Dali and had to take ropeway. We paied the ticket strongly believing that we do pay for a ticket, but in fact all of us, including Chines people, paid for view of the mountains… And we were the only people who asked why… It was really stupid, but only for us – white people. Maybe not unduly the Chinese are considered the most intelligent people in the world – not Polish:P
China is a country of contrasts – you can see really rich and poor people sitting in the same resteurant. You can see beggars with the newest IPhone, line managers on a old bike, exclusive stores in really small villages somewhere in a jungle. Everything is possible in this country.
People do not care what other people think – they behave like they like and everything is more less normal – for them, not for Europeans.
So if you will ask me how I felt in China I can say that I felt like at home.
When cultural barrier was that big that I felt that I can not stand one second more there was always something which changed the situation and my sympathy for country instantly increased. China is a country that always surprises, shows its different face. It smells like coriander that I hate and like baked potatoes, which I love. Streets are dirty to the limit, but their souls are clean in their childish naivety. They are full of poor people with rich culture, expensive toys in the hands of poor children.
There will never be enough time to feel normal in this country:) Fits me:)




















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Obecnie mieszkam w Peru, gdzie prowadzę biuro podróży Alpinca. Przez parę lat mieszkałam oraz studiowałam we Francji oraz Chinach, które stały się moim drugim domem. W Peru uwielbiam ceviche oraz Andy. We Francji wino, sery i język francuski. A W Chinach wszystko :D

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