Christmas in Asia

Before ever coming to China, everybody was telling me that I should definitely visit Yunnan (south-western province of China) as, indeed, it is the most amazing region of China. So here I am. Two weeks is too little to say that I know this province but a lot to say that it’s one of the most beautiful provinces in China that I have visited.


I did this trip with my friend- Magdalena who came to visit me here in China for 3 weeks. We started the trip in Shanghai, flying to Kunming and then taking local buses to our destinations.

The first destination that we chose to visit was Yuanyang- place very known from its rice terraces. While getting there we stopped for a night in Jianshui. This small, quite touristic town still gives its visitors impression of moving back to old China. Personally, I liked a lot this city.

Meet Magdalena 🙂



We found really cheap accommodation in this city. We payed 40 yuan (about 6euro) for the room with the bathroom. The ridiculous thing was that the owner wanted our passports and then she left me alone in the ‘reception desk’ and asked me to put all our information in her computer. That’s China 😉

We spent in Jianshui only one night but we were quite lucky because the day that we arrived there was a huge market where all the Chinese people, from the nearby villages, came to buy or sell the food. What’s more, on this market we could see some Yunnan minorities in their traditional clothes! I remember I was running after them like a spy just to take couple of photos but finally I dared to ask them 😀 The interesting thing is that usually all the ladies, from minorities that we met on our way, couldn’t speak or understand Chinese(mandarin). They have their own dialects that they are using everyday.

Women from Yi minority (if I’m not wrong ;p)





I’ve been living in China for 6 months now and I have to admit that this country is indeed the country for old people. While walking on the street all the time you can remark old people dancing to the music, playing Madzong, doing some tai chi in the temples…The best thing is daily aerobic usually for old ladies who meet in the park every evening. There is always one lady who is a leader and plenty of Chinese women (even men) who are following the moves.

playing Madzong



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Obecnie mieszkam w Peru, gdzie prowadzę biuro podróży Alpinca. Przez parę lat mieszkałam oraz studiowałam we Francji oraz Chinach, które stały się moim drugim domem. W Peru uwielbiam ceviche oraz Andy. We Francji wino, sery i język francuski. A W Chinach wszystko :D

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