China long time ago

BEIJING ( 2012 )

My first visit to China was quite unexpected. I went there cause during my stay in France from my Eramus exchange I met a lot of super, cool Chinese people who after some time became my best friends. One of these friends offered me and Piotr ( my best friend that went with me to China and was with me on erasmus exchange )an accommodation that we can stay at her place all holidays.


Aoran's parents, Piotr and me
Aoran’s parents, Piotr and me

I said to myself that I can’t let it go and I decided to go to this unusual country;) As we wanted to do something useful in our Mainland we decided to go there with AIESEC organization and be English teachers for our Chinese children. So finally, during the week we were staying with the Chinese family, during the day we were working in in a Kindergarden and for the weekends we were going to sleep at our friends place in the centre of Beijing. I have to mention that during the weekends when were were staying at Aoran’s place ( our Chinese friend) we were like in Heaven. Her mother was cooking all delicious dishes for us while we were drinking some Chinese beers with her father.  Aoran- once again thank you so much for what you did for us while in Beijing!

Taking children from school- suburbs of Beijing
Taking children from school- suburbs of Beijing
somewhere in Beijing's Hutong with Aoran and Pedro
somewhere in Beijing’s Hutong with Aoran and Pedro
Aoran's home
Aoran’s home
Great Wall
Great Wall
Forbidden city- Beijing
Forbidden city- Beijing


My second visit in China was as well a bit unexpected because  one month before going there I didn’t know that I’m actually going there again. In June I came back from my internship in Paris, then I gratuated from my university and afterwards I didn’t know what to do during the holidays so I just decided to find a quick internship again in China.  The internship, this time, was paid quite good and it lasted only 3 weeks so for other 3 weeks I could just spend my time on travelling within China. Just before this internship I found out that other 3 Polish girls are going to work in the same place. I was travelling with one of these girls- Kaja K. who takes the best pics. As I am not that good in taking pictures she was all the time with her camera, capturing everything. I deeply recommend you her photoblog which you can find here:

Best Students
Best Students

Actually, the most important part of this trip to China was the people that we met. Before going there, me and Kaja decided to look for somebody on couchsurfing  who is staying in Guangzhou because before the internship we wanted to visit some places. Finally, we found a guy from Poland in China! We were supposed to stay at his place only for one night but afterwards we stayed with him for one week. Jarek (name of the guy) appeared to be such a hospitable, friendly, easy going person that even after our internship we decided to travel a bit with him.  We visited Yangshuo which is an amazing place in China, very touristic, especially a lot of Chinese tourists but nevertheless I loved the place and its remarkable views. Quite nice experience was the travel between Guangzhou and Yangshuo. We took the bus cause it was the cheapest way to go there but the bus was as well unusual. It was a night bus so everybody had its own really tiny bed and we could sleep during the whole travel.


As it comes to the internship. This time it was again with AIESEC organziation. The camp that we were teaching was in Zhongshan ( about one hour from Guangzhou). The camp was really massive. There were about 500 children, about 15 Chinese teachers and as well 15 International teachers. Sometimes it was quite hard because we were teaching 8 hours daily however I have to say that in most cases I was impressed by the level of English what some of my students have. They were from 7 years old till about 14 years old and they knew a lot about the world and I have to say that they were much more polite than children from Europe.

Zhongshan Camp, my class
Zhongshan Camp, my class
a shy boy
a shy boy

Author: Izabela Handerek

Obecnie mieszkam w Peru, gdzie prowadzę biuro podróży Alpinca. Przez parę lat mieszkałam oraz studiowałam we Francji oraz Chinach, które stały się moim drugim domem. W Peru uwielbiam ceviche oraz Andy. We Francji wino, sery i język francuski. A W Chinach wszystko :D

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