Guangzhou 广州

I arrived in China about 2 months ago and I think I can say that I feel a little bit Chinese. Eating everyday chinese food which was supposed to be delicious….being mostly all the time the only white person who is in the bus, being beautiful for all Chinese people, explaining that I don’t come from America or Australia but Poland and Poland is not Holland…thinking that my Chinese is perfect even though I said only a few basic words….all these done and more as well 🙂

Even though I live in Suzhou, I didn’t visit a lot of this city. As we don’t live in the centre, the school and dormitories are located about 45 minutes by bus from the hub, we don’t have this opportunity to be everyday ‘in the middle of the city’ unfortunately…So today’s post will not be about Suzhou but about my trip to the south of China.

Last week I had this opportunity to be in Guangzhou (Canton). I went there to promote my school for the Chinese students who want to go to France for studying. It’s a really good deal to be a student ambassador because you can travel for free:) so basically, my school paid me for my flight to Guangzhou and as I have some friends there I decided to stay there one week more. I was in Guangzhou last year so it was not a new city for me to discover but still this city is so so big that everyday you explore something new. What’s more, I had this opportunity that this time in Guangzhou was the biggest import and export fair in the world! Of course, I didn’t miss the chance and went there to see how it looks like 😉

Guangzhou is the capital of Guandong province and lies in the south of China, close to Hong-Kong. It is very famous for its delicious Cantonese food and for the clothes. Guangzhou is the best place for buying the clothes shoes, watches etc…While walking on the streets you can buy lots of cheap clothes with quite a good quality, what’s more there is the hugest fake market you could seen. You can buy all the fake products which totally look like original ones. A lot of foreigners go especially to Guangzhou to do the business there, it is still a very good place for doing this.

you can buy, literally, everything



Michelle and Christmas in Guangzhou
one of the temples in Canton

As I wrote at the beginning, I decided to stay more in Guangzhou because I have some friends here. Last year when I came first time to this city with my friend- Kaja, we decided to use couchsurfing and we found Jerry- a guy, also from Poland who hosted us. We stayed most the time in touch with him so being this year in Guangzhou I couldn’t miss visiting him again after one year. What’s more, I also met Kaja there as she now studies and works in Canton so we had a Polish reunion. Funny thing was that when I arrived to Jarek’s appartment he had to move out because his contract was expired and within one day we found a flat for him and had to move quick from his flat. It’s not that easy to find a flat for foreigners. Chinese owners usually increase the rent when they see foreigners so the best is to take some Chinese friend to discuss the price with the owner. Finally, in China you can leave everything for the last moment and it will be ok. The same was with my flight ticket, I rebooked the ticket two hours before the flight and they had no problems with it. That’s one of the thing that I love in China. Everything is possible 😉



Canton is very famous for the sea food


Even when you come for the first time in China you will be able to see that Chinese people love to have naps. You can see them everywhere sleeping, chilling out… They don’t care about anything, they just do what they feel like to do.





even the dog is having a nap;)

Finally, as I mentioned at the beginning, I had this opportunity to visit Canton’s import and export fair. It was really interesting to see all the companies who are selling their products, try all the samples that they offer. Being on such fairs can give you a lot of ideas for your own business as they are thousands of companies with new products entering the market that could be the numer one. You can also have a direct contact with your future partner which is very relevant nowadays when you are doing the international business. And what’s most important, you can touch, feel and smell the product so you are sure that you want it or not. Maybe it’s not visible that well from the photos but the fair is immense. There are a lot of huge tents and lots of big halls. It’s not possible to pass all the fairs within one day.




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Obecnie mieszkam w Peru, gdzie prowadzę biuro podróży Alpinca. Przez parę lat mieszkałam oraz studiowałam we Francji oraz Chinach, które stały się moim drugim domem. W Peru uwielbiam ceviche oraz Andy. We Francji wino, sery i język francuski. A W Chinach wszystko :D

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