As soon as we arrived at the Jaipur’s station there were plenty of rickshaw drivers who wanted to take us to their recommended hotels. Natalia and me were so fed up of them, we just did not want to hear them anymore and wanted to escape from them but there was one guy who seemed quite friendy and who was not pushing so much on us to go with him. Thus, finally, we decided to let him bring us to his recommended hotel. Why we didn’t book the hotels in advance?  In India,in my opinion,  it’s usually better not to book any hotel in advance. Firstly, it’s more expensive if you book it online. Secondly, you can’t negotiate the price with the hotel owner. Lastly, it’s more adventurous because you never know where you gonna sleep 😉 So, we were always relying on the recommendations of rickshaw drivers. You should know that rickshaw drivers take quite a big commision from the hotel owners for bringing the guests to their hotels. You don’t have to be worry that the rickshaw driver will take you somewhere that you won’t like. At the beginning you tell the driver how much you want to spend for one night and then he takes you to the hotel which suits your price the best. Even if you don’t like the hotel, he will take you to the other place as rickshaw drivers have a lot of deals with different hotel owners. Our budget was very small thus we were always telling the drivers that we want the cheapest one so usually were paying  around 2$ per nigh per person for a room only for us two with the shower and a fan and lots of lizards on the walls 😀 We needed nothing more.

Let’s go back to our rickshaw driver as we had a long story with him that I’m gonna tell you in this post… So Kunal was quite special because he had six toes. He took us to the hotel of his friend. We really liked the hotel as we had an air condition in our room for cheap price and the food in the hotel’s restaurant was delicious. After eating, Kunal proposed us to visit the city with him, again for a good price for the whole day so we said ok, why not? 😉 He took us to many beautiful places like these ones on the photos:





Kunal presented us the Pink City (Jaipur) from all diferent sides. He took us to the places that were very famous but he also took us to the area of intouchable people. Thus, the worst cast in India. Basically, there are four main casts. The first one is Brahmana which includes the people engaged with scriptual education and teaching, essential for the continuation of knowledge. The second cast is Kshatriya so it includes people connected to the army but as well politicians and officials. Next cast is Vaishya which unites all kinds of businessmen. Last official cast is Shudra which includes blue- collar workers. However, there is one more cast which is the lowest and is called Intouchables (Harijan). This cast doesn’t eat different eat than pig’s meat. Normally, nobody in India eats pig’s meat except for Intouchables. Indian people identify pig’s meat with something dirty so only Intouchable cast can eat this. This is one of the most disgusting and unjust things that I’ve ever heard.




But the story with Kunal continues…After a day trip with our rickshaw driver we were quite satisfied where Kunal took us and as well he was telling us many interesting things about India. When we came back to the hotel Kunal proposed us to have drink with him. However we said no as we did not want to drink with him and didn’t know him so much. We told him that we are making a ‘catharsis’ in India and not drinking any alcohol in this country (which was not that true:D). Anyway, Kunal came to our hotel’s restaurant where we were sitting and relaxing. He was having some drinks with cousin and he proposed us to spend as well next day with him. He would take us to some other places that we didn’t manage to visit that day. Actually, we didn’t have any plans so we said again ok. Obviously, he took us to the shop with the silk even we didn’t want to go but he thought we may buy something and he will get a commission from our purchase. Unfortunately for him, we didn’t buy anything. Then when Natalia had to go to the bank he asked me if I have a boyfriend. I thought that maybe he is just curious about it, but nevermind it was a strange question. The same day, in the evening, he came  to our hotel, he was sipping some whisky with water. After some time passed, he started to tell us that he had girls from all over the world, all nationalities. He even said that he had a Polish girl. We were quite surprised of his confessions. And especially because we didn’t ask him any of these questions, he just started telling us his story like this. So the story of Kunal begins… but before let’s have last set of photos from Jaipur- our Pink city.




Kunal told us that he takes the travel girls as soon as they arrive at Jaipur’s train station. Then he takes them to the hotel where we have been and he proposes them to take them around the city with his rickshaw. Why he had girls from all around the world? He does a one- night stand with the girls (as he described it). The lonely travel girls pay Kunal for sleeping with him. He takes them to many shops in the city, where the girls buy all the clothes and jewellery and he gets an immense commission from this. He also confessed us that he has a baby with some European girl…this one I couldn’t believe. It was too much information for one evening. We were just looking at each others with Natalia and we didn’t know how to react. He showed us the photos of the baby, I asked him why he doesn’t want to be like a ‘normal father’ for the kid. He said that he has to stay here and earn the money for his family which is the most important. He also said that the money that we are paying him for taking us around the city with his rickshaw is nothing what he gets from the girls who arrive here. Thus, we asked why he didn’t want to cheat on us? He answered that right from the beginning when we got into his rickshaw we were very friendly to him and we were treating him normally, like he is a guy who can help us. After taking us around the city, he remarked that we  have no money  and he won’t make use of us but he just wanted to make friends with us because we treated him like a friend. Basically, he liked the fact that we are very cool ;p

Together with Natalia we were literally shocked. We were aware that everything can happen to us but this was too much. Afterwards, we had some conclusions from this experience. Being warm and friendly with all the people gives you a lot of advantages. However, girls, especially those travelling alone, be aware of what can happen when you are travelling alone. Me, personally, I trust people a lot, sometimes it’s bad but in my case, most of times I see only the benefits of trusting people. In India, it’s a different case, you can’t trust people too much. You have to take into account a fact that people will cheat on you for . It happens all the time. But on the oter hand when you are travelling  you have to be open for the people and try to trust them as much as you feel you should tust.

To sum up, whenI think of Kunal I have no bad feelings, he was really good and friendly for us. He was trying to make our stay in his city unique by taking us to many places that we wouldn’t see alone and there was no situation that he wanted to make use of us.

* some names have been changed in this post

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Obecnie mieszkam w Peru, gdzie prowadzę biuro podróży Alpinca. Przez parę lat mieszkałam oraz studiowałam we Francji oraz Chinach, które stały się moim drugim domem. W Peru uwielbiam ceviche oraz Andy. We Francji wino, sery i język francuski. A W Chinach wszystko :D

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